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Vote March 8 - Village Council Seat 2

Do Something.

Tony Nelson has spent 35 years as a Wellington resident contributing his business, civic engagement, and personal life to the community.

Educated at Eckerd College, he began his professional life in the insurance industry as an expert in underwriting and risk management. This culminated in global reach as vice President of Profits/Chief Underwriter for the Caribbean affiliate of American Bankers Insurance Group. Tony then formed his own Nelson Risk Services (today know as Premier Risk Services) in 2001 and for the next 12 years was Director of Risk Management at the historical Palm Beach Breakers Hotel. In 2016, he joined Premier Family Health to serve Wellington and surrounding communities where he presently leads the business as President/COO.

Throughout his accomplished business history, Tony has believed that corporate leaders should strive for active community participation. His efforts have centered around providing equal opportunities for the children of his community.  He has volunteered as vice president of Western Community Football League, Orange Bowl Committee for Youth Football and President of Wellington Boys and Girls Club Advisory Board.

Tony is married to his lovely wife, Evelyn, and together have raised their children, Shannon, Anthony and granddaughter, Breonna  in Wellington.

Why Me? Why Now?

I’m a guy that answers to different names depending on who is asking.  I’m Tony, honey or Mi Amour to my wife Evelyn Cardona Nelson of 37 years; Dad to Anthony & Shannon and Lito to Breonna.

My Florida life really began when Evelyn and I moved to Wellington in 1987 when I was a member of the Allstate Insurance Company Regional Leadership Team. At that time Wellington was part of the Acme Improvement District (yes, this was and is the actual name) The Village was not officially born until December 31, 1995, 8 years after our arrival. In 1993 I accepted a position with the Caribbean affiliate of American Bankers Insurance group in Puerto Rico as the Vice President of Profits & Chief Underwriter. We kept our home in Wellington during this time and for 3 of the 5 years I commuted back and forth from Puerto Rico to Wellington. My wife and I share many interests; we are most passionate about our kids’ education. Evelyn was and still is the Executive Director of Student Financial Services at Lynn University in Boca Raton, and President of the Scholastic Achievement Foundation.

We felt that living and attending school in Wellington was the best alternative for Shannon & Anthony.

In 2000, I joined a little historical property on the Island of Palm Beach called The Breakers as The Director of Risk Management and Security. I was there for 12 years. Risk Management is the identification, evaluation and prioritization of risk followed by the coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor and control the probability or impact of unfortunate events or to maximize the realization of opportunities… other words, I am supposed to be an expert at making sure that bad things don’t happen; whether it be my business our community or my own driveway.  My role at the Breakers involved my having to form relationships with healthcare related businesses. It was at that time that I realized that the future success of our country, regardless of whom was in political power, would encompass healthcare. Well, look where we are today!

Having also formed my own Risk & Insurance Consulting Company during this time, many of these healthcare-related business such as Premier Family Health became risk consulting clients of mine. In 2016 I was fortunate to join Premier Family Health as the Chief Operating Office and was promoted by the board to President & COO in 2018.

Each one of my professional opportunities came about because something needed to be adjusted, or something needed to be fixed, or something needed to be improved or somethings needed to be created.

I’ve lived in this wonderful community for 35 years and have seen many things change, adjusted, improved up and created.  I have been here for every mayor and village council; The councils have done a respectful job, and I vow, if elected, to continue to keep the lofty standards of operation set for our residents.

During my 35 years in Wellington, I have devoted a tremendous amount of time to kids and their families. This includes:

  •  Vice President Western Community Football League
  • Orange Bowl Committee for Youth Football 
  • President of the Wellington Boys & Girls Club Board of Advisors 

My passion, among other things, has been the creation of opportunities for kids in our community!

And then, in June 2020 how coincidental was it that an incident occurred where my Granddaughter, a child of this community, was told that “she did not belong here” …while she was in my driveway!

When she was told that she didn’t belong here, I knew that I needed to DO SOMETHING!

Look, I clearly understand that this “village council job” is about Budgets, Ordinances and trash being picked up. But if I can ensure you that these issues will continue to be improved upon while bringing a fresh perspective to the table that also includes improving marginal communities, addressing veterans’ opportunities and improving healthcare for seniors and the disadvantaged; AND CONTINUING THE INCLUSION & DIVERSITY DISCUSSION at the same time by

  • Fixing something
  • Changing something
  • Improving something

ALWAYS Doing Something!!! Then Why not ME? Why not NOW?

Ladies & Gentlemen, I would love for you to join me on this journey and Do Something by supporting our campaign. I ask you to vote for me on March 8, 2022.

Until then, I will continue to make myself available to all of you because I want to learn what Doing Something means to you!

Thank you and may God bless you all!


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